Leith Walton's Biography

I am heavily influenced by patterns that I come across in my life. Seeing vast configurations of shapes, textures and colours in the natural and manufactured world around me, I feel compelled to share their beauty through my creative process.

As I continue to experiment with different artistic methods I am continually intrigued by styles of artwork/design/architecture from our past. Art nouveau and art deco are two areas that I find extremely interesting.

Over the years I have strived to create pieces of artwork that bring a sense of timelessness to the viewer. My exploration into watercolours and acrylic has been very successful in the past but as my work transcended onto large scale walls and sculptures I feel like I have truly begun to ignite my curiosity. The end products of my creations speak of beauty and complexity but hold to a simple but defined design. The introduction of patterns designed by computer and laser cut into stencils has been a very exciting prospect which I continue to relish in and look forward to further exploration.

A lot of my research comes from shared community learning. Through conversations with other mural artists and makers of all kinds I get specialist knowledge about the areas I am interested in. This method of learning reminds me of the tradition of oral learning and how for a long time our history was passed on this way.  Other sources of knowledge have come from the internet as the online community for mural making is vast and diverse.

He mostly posts on instagram and facebook